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Photo: will, in consultation with the successful candidate, appoint a mentor/curator who will support the photographer through the duration of their project. Photo: will pay a modest honorarium to such mentor/curator. It is up to the photographer to determine the kind of relationship with the mentor/curator. Further, Photo: will continue to work with the photographer as an ongoing support.


At least one critique session will be organised where the photographer will present their work in progress to a larger panel of experts at Photo: in Johannesburg. This critique session creates an opportunity to get critique and feedback on the conceptual premise, approach and manifestation of the body of the work.


Photo: will also, in consultation with the successful candidate, appoint a writer who will work on a text to augment the body of work. The photographer may decide how this text can interact with the work and it can take form in any way, for instance as a critical text, a collaborative text, creative writing or the photographer might decide to do the text themselves.


The completed body of work


The completed body of work and the writer’s text will be published on the website in full, in consultation with the photographer. Photo: will further include information about the process of the development of the work.

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